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      2021226日,欧盟官方发布了 (EU) 2021/341  (EU) 2021/340 两条新指令,其中分别针对原指令 (EU) 2019/2020 光源和独立式控制装置生态设计要求和 (EU) 2019/2015 光源能效标签要求做了相应的修正,为新版ERP发布以来第一次重大更新。On February 26, 2021, the European Commission issued two new directives (EU) 2021/341 and (EU) 2021/340, which respectively address the original directive (EU) 2019/2020 light source and separate control gears ecological design requirements and (EU) The 2019/2015 energy labelling requirements for light sources have been revised accordingly, which is the first major update since the release of the new version of ERP.


      新指令(EU) 2021/341修正New directives (EU) 2021/341 revised

      1. 新增条款:如果在2021-07-01之前,市场上未投放相同产品,那么在2021-07-012021-08-31之间,满足新版ERP指令 (EU) 2019/2020要求的产品,视为满足旧版ERP指令 (EC) No 244/2009,(EC) No 245/2009 (EU) No 1194/2012的要求。If no unit belonging to the same model or equivalent models was placed on the market before 1 July 2021, the units of models placed on the market between 1 July 2021 and 31 August 2021 which comply with the provisions of this regulation shall be considered compliant with the requirements of Commission Regulations (EC) No 244/2009, (EC) No 245/2009 and (EU) No 1194/2012.’;
      2. 新增条款:针对已投放市场的产品,对硬件及软件升级做了相应的管控。For the products that have been placed on the market, the hardware and firmware upgrades have been controlled accordingly.

      任何硬件和软件升级不得降低产品的能效The energy consumption of the product and any of the other declared parameters shall not deteriorate after a software or firmware update
      任何软件升级需保证产品仍符合ERP指令要求Any software update shall ensure that the product still meets the requirements of the ERP directive
      拒绝软件升级不得影响产品原有性能A software update shall never have the effect of changing the product's performance

      1. 对原有豁免产品进行修正; Revise the original exempted products;
      2. 对部分产品测试要求做了变更:用于 冰箱、洗碗机、洗衣机/洗干一体机、 烘干机内的光源,将不再需要满足ANNEX II中光通量维持率,存活率的要求;外包装及技术文件内不再需要体现寿命,光通量维持因数,存活因数等信息。Light sources specifically designed and exclusively marketed for use in products in the scope of Commission Regulations 2019/2023, 2019/2022, 932/2012 and 2019/2019, shall be exempt from the requirements regarding lumen maintenance factor and survival factor
      3. Annex II 修改如下:Annex II is amended as follows:





      SVM≤0.4 (202491日后)


      新指令(EU) 2021/340修正New directives (EU) 2021/340 revised 


      1. 修正原版效等级标签尺寸错误revised label size
        标准标签尺寸由至少36mm x 75mm ”修正为至少“36mm x 72mm” for the standard-sized label, at least 36 mm wide and 72 mm high

      小标签尺寸for the small-sized label (width less than 36 mm), at least 20 mm wide and 54 mm high

      新增了对能效等级标签边框的要求the rectangular border of the label and the internal dividers shall have a weight of 0,5 pt and the colour shall be 100 % black’;


      2.注册信息变更Registration information revision
      新增灯头 / 连接端口类型 Added Light source cap-type (or other electric interface)
      能源消耗数值(kWh/1000h)改为向上取整Energy consumption in on-mode (kWh/1 000 h), rounded up to the nearest integer
      对色温的录入格式做了调整Adjusting Input Format for CCT


      3.技术文件内新增信息Added information in technical document 
      定向灯峰值光强Peak luminous intensity in cd for directional light sources
      - LEDOLED产品R9数值R9 colour rendering index value for LED and OLED light sources
      - LEDOLED产品存活因数Survival factor for LED and OLED light sources;
      - LEDOLED产品光通量维持因数Lumen maintenance factor for LED and OLED light sources
      - LEDOLED产品宣称寿命(L70B50Indicative lifetime L70B50 for LED and OLED light sources


      4.市场抽查要求变更Market surveillance requirement revision 

      移除针对FLHID存活率及光通量维持率的要求Removed requirements for FL and HID Survival factor and Lumen maintenance factor

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